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    Greetings I am Wikus or as known in the online community as Viking, A 22 year old subhuman African child that lost his way to the ships when the other Europeans pulled out. i am mostly English and i speak that filthy pig Latin known as Afrikaans, i understand some German but cannot fully speak it.
    I heard from a fat ugly bird named Gardas that you want members and he recruited me. Now i am here and i would like to apply (P.s. Gardas is actually an old friend and he has been begging me to join SGL so i'd like to shut him up about it.)

    Aside from Gardas being extremely annoying about recruiting me, I have also met other SGL members such as Burito, Raph, and Flopanzer who are nice guys and i have played many games with them such as War thunder, Company of Heroes 2 and more.
    Judging from who i have played with i feel i can fit in very well with SGL.

    And the SGL tag is kinda sexy, So i'd like to have one as well.

    Also Gardas told me to beg you for admittance so please add me.

    Yours truly, The African Savage.